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The Omo Valley has been described as the last remaining truly authentic tribal area in Africa. These tribes live as they have for centuries and traditional culture and beliefs remain strong. Visiting them, I was struck by their warmth and sense of community even as they have no clean running water or electricity. More details and pictures of each of the tribes can be found in my blog entries in September and October 2012. Change is occurring rapidly in this region and some of it good and some of it detrimental, sometimes very destructive. In my view positive change can only occur from within the tribes through education and the availability of basic medicine.

One local charity, ‘Omo Child’ is driving positive change from inside the tribes, for example convincing the Kara people to stop the killing of innocent ‘cursed children’. You can join me in supporting ‘Omo Child’ by purchasing one or more of the pictures in the gallery below. I will donate 50% of my profits from each sale to ‘Omo Child’.
Ethiopia D3-171-Edit1Ethiopia D3-177-Edit1Ethiopia D3-375-Edit1Ethiopia-D4-76-Edit1WisdomProud Dasenach WarriorHamer Woman-56Hamer WomanAbore Village at DawnAbore WomanAbore ManAbore VillagerAbore GirlsDasenach ChildrenDasenach VillageSunset at Dasenach VillageThe Omo River ValleyEthiopia D6-319Ethiopia D6-362Painting Up